Bosendorfer New York is now dedicated to educating you on the newest findings on sleep sciences. Sleep is absolutely essential to any and all individuals independent of their age. We're especially going to focus on adjustable beds that have taken the sleep industry by storm. We will be discussing a lot of material on the topic of adjustable beds and mattresses.

Best adjustable beds for seniors

While there are a hundred and one adjustable bed models, not all of them are suitable to all age groups of people. Some of the best adjustable beds for seniors and elders over 60 years are not reviewed by many online adjustable bed reviewers. We understand that this is a need of this age category and wish to spend quite a bit of time blogging about it. Sleep is very important to both young and old and therefore, should not be taken lightly.

There are more than enough health benefits to an adjustable bed to make them a worthy investment. It may sound a little extravagant to get a fancy electronic bed but what it can do for your back, neck, and the rest of your body, really offsets all of that. So if you have the money and the need, get yourself an adjustable bed and see what a difference they can make for yourself. There are some medical conditions that can be relieved by using adjustable bed frames. These include things like chronic neck and back pain and, in some cases, chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue can be caused by a really bad bed that makes you toss and turn a lot in your sleep. The most common cause of waking up tired is a fitful night’s sleep. There are lots of elders that can benefit from an adjustable bed whether they realize it or not. There are a lot of options out there for electric adjustable bed frames and when the time comes for you to get one, you may want to consider the three foot single adjustable bed by Glideaway available through many retailers. The first thing you should know is that the bed comes with both a matching headboard and an incredibly comfortable mattress. It is a 1500 orthopedic pocket sprung mattress. The number of springs a mattress has defines how comfortable it is and this mattress has more than even most memory foam mattresses. It’s designed to really enhance how comfortable your back is and give you a great night’s sleep. The mattress and bed are manufactured in the USA and the bed even comes with free delivery to the USA.

The base of the bed has easy glide castor wheels making it easy to move around and, when you buy directly from the manufacturer you get a five years manufacturer’s warranty. That covers you in the event of electrical fault or damage. The second thing you should know is that its head can be adjusted to help you get in to and out of bed as well as provide extra comfort while in bed in the first place. The frame adjusts on five bases to adjust and fit the natural contours of your body and control the way the bed feels. The motor used in the bed is a durable and reliable motor that is produced in Germany and can comfortably manage up to 18 stone in body weight, or about 115 kilos. All the features of the bed are controlled by a simple and easy to use six button controller that controls the head and feet sections individually and together. The foot end also has a stop bar to keep the mattress in place and stop it sliding off when the bed has been adjusted. The mattress itself is also a little longer than a regular mattress to allow for extra room when adjusting the bed.

The third and final thing you should know about adjustable beds made for senior citizens is that you can arrange for the bed to be put together and installed properly upon delivery but you have to clear that up ahead of time via email. It shouldn’t be incredibly difficult for you to put together yourself but you should probably consider trying to arrange for it to be put together for you. The bed is a sturdy and reliable bed that can do everything you want out of an adjustable bed. The mattress is a major plus with this bed and is a huge selling point. So all in all if you are looking for an adjustable bed for an elderly person with a little extra comfort your current best option is the Glideaway Elevation adjustable bed.